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Tactic 1-590 Nubuck

Tactic 1-590 Nubuck

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Berets "TACTIC 1-590" are designed for use in severe conditions in the demi-season. Reinforced sock and heel protect against cuts, scratches and bumps. All elements of the shoe are sewn with strong thread. The lacing is equipped with high-speed lacing loops covered with anti-reflective paint. Suitable for the military, volunteers and other law enforcement agencies.


Features (technical characteristics):

Model name: TACTIC

Color: BROWN

Article: 1-590

Season: summer and demi-season

Temperature mode: to -5C

Upper material: genuine leather

Additional materials: sock and heel reinforced with a thermoplastic insert; the tongue and the top of the freebie are made of the original CORDURA®

Lining: three-layer nonwoven mesh MESH ENERGY

Insole: molded, replaceable; enhances the cushioning properties of the sole; material - polyurethane

Sole: two-layer polyurethane with "anti-shock" properties, oil and gasoline resistant; at short contact maintains temperature to 120 ° C; created by the method of casting in-house;

Protector: self-cleaning; increased toughness on slippery / wet surfaces

Lacing: high-speed; fittings covered with anti-glare paint;

Laces: full nylon; designed for long-term operation


TACTIC ankle boots in black will be your reliable companion for a long time. In this model ZENKIS traditionally does not deviate from the standards that will allow you not to limit yourself in the conditions of operation of new pair of footwear.

Made of high quality genuine leather, they have water-repellent properties and at the same time provide vapor permeability from the inside. This means that the feet will not "push" from prolonged movement or sudden changes in outside temperature. At the same time, this material has a fairly high elasticity, thanks to which the new shoes "adjust" to the foot of the owner.

The dense inner mesh forms an additional layer of air that separates the surface of the shoes from the foot. Due to this, the shoes maintain a comfortable foot temperature.

The polyurethane sole, moderately flexible and dense even on slippery surfaces, will allow to feel confident both in the conditions of the city, and on off-road. Due to the softer and springy middle layer, it has high damping properties. The minimum thickness of the sole is 2.5-3 cm (sock), the maximum (heel) is 4 cm.

The main feature of insoles, which are also made of polyurethane, is their "molding", ie different thickness along the entire length, which allows you to unload the foot during long movements; the minimum thickness of the insole is kept under the toes, the maximum - in the area of the heel, which enhances the cushioning qualities of the sole.

For the comfort of the owner, the valve and the free beret are made of pleasant to the touch and flexible CORDURA® material. Due to this, the shoe wraps the foot more tightly.

The valve of the shoe is completely connected to its main part, which prevents the ingress of sand, small stones or other dirt through the lacing.


Loops for high-speed lacing will allow you to spend less time adjusting the girth of the foot.

Color: Brown
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