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ZENKIS was founded in 1999 by the Italian company ZENITH GROUP, on the basis of the historically famous SPORT factory, one of the two companies producing shoes under the ADIDAS brand.

Since its inception, Zenkis has focused on the production of safety shoes. Since then, it has been a national supplier in Ukraine and in the international arena.


Currently, production sees the 24-station DESMA as a significant advantage. This equipment has a production capacity of 14,000 pairs of shoes per month. The entire production chain is based on research and use of high quality raw materials, and direct cooperation with the Italian parent company ZENITH allows us to offer a strong, convenient and safe finished product.

Our specialists will develop a model of shoes for your brand, taking into account the conditions in which it will be used.

There is also a format of cooperation in which ZENKIS will take over the entire production process, using your materials and blanks.

The goal is to develop and continue to do so, trying to better meet the ever-changing needs of the market.

Transparency, consistency and ethics.

We know that in such a competitive market as recent experience, a single product is not enough to meet consumer needs.


Our field of activity is continuous improvement of research and development and customer retention in order to create a strong agreement with our customers based on trust and transparency, which, in our opinion, are the most important values ​​for strong and long-term cooperation.



"We leave our mark responsibly"

Наші цінності







"We believe in the strength of different cultures"​


«At work, safety must be real»

Benefits of direct injected sole

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