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Tactical Shoes

Our line of tactical footwear, the history of which, like many similar things in Ukraine, began on the Maidan in 2013. It was there that the company's employees came to understand that Ukrainians have a great need for professional footwear for the military and volunteers, which would be able to protect their feet from various injuries.


We, ZENKIS, have been inspired by various global brands. But the rich experience in the production of certified footwear for heavy industries has given us an idea of ​​what characteristics and with what materials we can achieve both comfort and a high level of foot protection. Therefore, the main task of our products is first of all foot safety and comfort during long operation.


Selection of materials, technology of sewing and assembly of the finished product, negotiations and contracts with suppliers is a long process, but thanks to a thoughtful and painstaking approach to production at every stage we managed to achieve high quality of our products.


Thanks to the feedback directly from users at the design stage of each of our models, we gained an understanding of tactical tasks and compliance of footwear with modern standards. Development and tailoring of the first models is a team work. The fashion designer receives professional recommendations from the technologist, and the board of directors personally takes care of the process. Each prototype is tested in the field, and the experience of such use becomes a major component of the refinement of already small but important details. However, we do not stop there, learning new technologies and materials, and constantly improve our products.


Of course, we are primarily focused on courageous members of the armed forces, volunteers, tactical medics, military journalists and other members of the security forces, who by the nature of their work have to spend a lot of time on their feet. We realize that such people just need shoes that will help them perform their duties and not cause additional discomfort. However, during all these years of constant communication with customers, we have found that our products are in demand even among the stratum of active people of other professions, whose work or lifestyle is associated with a large number of movements.

The main indicator that we have coped well with our task is the excellent well-being of ZENKIS shoe owners and the integrity of their feet.

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