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Measure the length of the foot

Measure your foot with a pencil and paper.

Put on socks - you will not wear shoes on your bare feet (except in summer). However, be careful - too thick a sock, such as grandmother's knitting, can seriously affect the accuracy of sizing.
We recommend measuring both legs (the length of the feet may differ slightly) and take as a basis the greatest result.

Measurements are best taken at the end of the day or after exercise, when the size of the leg increases due to blood flow.





  1. You will need a sheet of paper, a pencil and a ruler.

  2. Draw a long straight line on the sheet.

  3. Place the sheet on a flat surface and place your foot on it

  4. Mark the tip of the finger and heel with a pencil (the pencil should be located strictly vertically, without losing contact with the foot).

  5. Remember to do the same with the second foot.

Usually left-handed people have a left leg may be slightly longer than the right, left-handed people, on the contrary. Compare the values ​​of the measurements of both feet and take as a basis the highest result. This will be your foot length.





Dimensional grid

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