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Trekking Socks (Medium)

Trekking Socks (Medium)

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Design features of sock products of TM " NO RISK " are special thermal zones and damping (softening) areas, which provide maximum protection and comfort for the feet when walking and also a long stay in special protective shoes. In ventilation and removal of moisture, amortization during walking, protection against mechanical influences, elastic support system.

Premium yarn is used for knitting:

The composition of demi-season and summer socks: 85% natural cotton, 10% polyamide, 5% elastane.

The composition of winter socks: 80% natural cotton (pure cotton), 17% polyamide (polyamide), 3% elastane (elastane).

Natural cotton (pure cotton) provides products with excellent hygienic properties, air permeability, high ability to absorb excess moisture and comfort in the sock.

Polyamide gives special durability and does not allow products to be deformed after numerous washings.

Elastane (elastane) provides the necessary elasticity and fixes the sock on the foot, and after removal , the sock takes on its original shape, in addition, elastane fibers are free to pass air, allow the skin to "breathe".

Due to its elasticity, socks are produced in three sizes, which gives an additional opportunity to regulate stocks.

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