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SG 7102 SRC


Level of protection



  • Metal sock (withstands a load of 200 J); 

  • Light-reflecting edging on the outer surface of the shoe;

  • Inline antistatic insole IbiTech BIAGIOLI (Italy);

  • Anti-puncture metal insole 1100H (only S1P, S3);

  • Anti-shock heel absorbing impact up to 20J;

  • Sole with anti-slip and oil-resistant properties.

The upper part

  • Genuine leather shoes;

  • Dust valve along the entire length of the tongue;

  • Installed anti-corrosion fittings and reinforced lace;

  • Insole made of EVA material, duplicated with non-woven fabric.


  • The two-layer polyurethane is made of polyols of production of the COIM company (Italy);

  • The inner layer of low density polyurethane, to provide better cushioning properties; 

  • The outer layer is high density polyurethane. Resistance to cuts, anti-slip and oil-resistant properties;

  • The sole is fixed by injection molding;

  • Temperature mode: from -25 to +120 ° C

Dimensions: 39-47​

EN ISO 20345:2011

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